Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small brownish or skin colored growths which commonly develop in the folds of the skin. They are primarily fibers, ducts and nerve cells covered with epidermis. These are generally not big in size and are also totally harmless, but when present in large number or if increasing in number rapidly, then it is a matter of concern. Large number and rapid increase in number of lesions can be an indicator of underlying health problem such as insulin resistance, diabetes, acromegaly etc.


Because skin tags are completely harmless and painless, treatment is not necessary unless for cosmetic purposes, or if they become an irritated by clothing, jewelry, or when shaving. If you desire treatment for your skin tags, Dr. Saileesh Chalasani can perform several procedures. Skin tags can be removed either by Laser treatment or by freezing with liquid nitrogen. Both can be performed in Dr. Chalasani's office, and is generally painless.