On Saturday, three new cases of the disease were confirmed in the northern city of Palermo, and the regional Health Ministry has declared a nationwide public health emergency.

As the situation worsens, hospitals are being overwhelmed by patients.

“As a precaution, hospitals have been closed.

The situation has become very dangerous,” Health Minister Paolo Gattoni told La Repubblica newspaper.

“In addition to the current situation, there are new cases that have not yet been registered, so there are no guarantees that they will be reported,” he said.

“The situation is very dangerous and we need to get to the bottom of it.”

The ministry also said that some hospitals had received a large number of patients from the capital Rome, where there are more than 50,000 people living in an area of 20 square kilometres.

According to Italy’s Health Ministry, the three new confirmed cases in Palermino were all in the same family, but only one was a new case.

There were also three other confirmed cases of Ebola in the area, but the hospital did not disclose the names of them.

The latest Ebola outbreak has seen the death toll rise to more than 7,000, with the total number of confirmed cases to more then 20,000.

The disease is caused by a virus that has been circulating in Sierra Leone since the mid-1990s, but has only recently been identified in other parts of West Africa.

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