I’m going to go on record saying that Doctor Who is a really great show and I’m glad that we have a great cast.

It’s a good show and it’s really enjoyable to watch and I enjoy going to it.

But it also seems like people are going to hate me for that.

I have a big crush on Benedict Cumberbatch as the Doctor.

He’s got that Doctor-ness, I think, and I’ve been really happy to have played that part.

The other thing I like about the show is the way the show plays out, which is so exciting for me.

I love seeing what’s happening and I think the fans are really happy with the way that the show has played out.

They seem to like it.

There’s a lot of really interesting story lines that they’re playing out, and it gives them a really good sense of how the show will continue.

There have been a lot more changes in the series than you would have guessed.

There has been a big change to the Doctor, who’s a new character in the show and he’s been kind of sidelined for a while now.

But I think he’s still going to be around for a long time, maybe even for a decade or more, and we’ve been building a lot from his origin.

The fact that he’s a Time Lord means that he’ll have to deal with the ramifications of the time-travel that happened, and there are going the way of the Daleks and the Cybermen, but it’s definitely going to change.

There are also new villains, and new faces in the Doctor’s old world.

There was a moment where we had a Doctor Who episode where we were going to put an alien in the TARDIS, and the alien was the most interesting alien in Doctor Who history.

He wasn’t like any other alien in a way, but he was interesting and interesting and he was a little bit of a different kind of alien.

I think people are just going to love that.

And there’s a big twist that will affect everyone’s relationship with the Doctor over the course of the season.

That will make a huge difference to the way people see the show.

It will make everyone very excited and it will make people really uncomfortable.

So yeah, there’s so much new material that we’ve done over the years and we’re still doing so many new things.

We’re really excited about the season, which was a really fun experience, and that’s why we’re all so excited about it.

What do you think about Doctor Who season 10?

Share your thoughts below.

Doctor Who season 9 was a big hit for BBC America.

Did you miss it?

Have a great time binge-watching it?

Let us know in the comments below!

Doctor Who is on Netflix

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