A new study finds that health care professionals are not paid enough to take care of their female patients.

Researchers looked at the pay of medical professionals who treated women and found that women were paid a lower percentage of the pay for treating them than men.

Researchers found that health professionals who worked for large organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, had the lowest median pay for women compared to their male counterparts.

They also found that female medical professionals made less money than their male colleagues.

Researchers also found significant differences in pay among different types of health care professional, with a higher percentage of female medical practitioners earning less than their men colleagues.

The study was led by Harvard University professor of sociology and behavioral economics, Emily O’Toole.

O’Tooth said the findings suggest that women have been working in health care for far too long.

She said that the results of the study suggest that even though women have traditionally been underrepresented in health professionals, they are now making significant inroads in healthcare careers, but that the barriers to advancement remain.

O’Tooles co-authored the paper with the University of Minnesota professor of public health, Dr. Sarah Schuessler.

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