The Republican bill would take $1.3 trillion from the Medicaid program for low-income Americans, and eliminate coverage for some children and families.

That would be a major hit for people like Meghan and her daughter.

Meghan says she would have been able to get coverage under Obamacare, but now she doesn’t.

She says she and her husband will have to find a new insurance plan if she can’t get coverage.

Meagan says the bill doesn’t take care of her daughter, who’s in her mid-30s, and her older sister who’s just graduated from college.

Meaghan’s daughter, Meghan, says her insurance coverage is gone.

Megan says she had to get the help she needed to get through school and get a job.

Meggie says she was able to find health insurance on her own because she had Medicaid, but her insurance premium will be higher because of the bill.

Meggy says the Republicans are trying to take away a huge portion of coverage from millions of Americans, particularly low- and moderate-income people.

Meggies daughter, Kari, is now 18.

Meggins daughter, Karina, is in her early 30s.

Meghans daughter, Kayla, is 16.

They all have medical bills and are struggling to make ends meet.

Republicans have said they are trying change Medicaid eligibility rules.

Mejias daughter, Amber, says she needs to get a prescription drug plan so she can afford her medication.

The bill also removes coverage for pregnant women and widows and cuts funding for Planned Parenthood.

Megyn says the GOP bill will also force states to provide birth control to all women who don’t have insurance.

Mehmans daughter says the insurance bill also cuts money for Planned Women, a women’s health organization.

The House Republican bill has the support of just one Democrat, Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va.

Beyer has been a fierce critic of the GOP health plan and said the bill would make the country worse.

Beyers office said the plan is a good first step but it still needs to be reviewed by the Senate.

The Senate Health Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on the bill to try to find out how it will affect the bill and its impact on women and women’s rights.

Democrats have said the Republican bill will leave millions of low- income and middle-income women and girls in a worse financial situation.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D, California, said in a statement, “This House will continue to work to protect the most vulnerable Americans in the face of a disastrous and regressive Republican health bill.

We must make sure that millions of women, men, and children are covered, and we will continue the work that we have been doing in the Senate to ensure that women have access to the affordable coverage they need to get by.”

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