Health care professionals are beginning to realize that it’s not as simple as it seems to get the most out of medical marijuana clinics.

The new data from the Department of Health shows that most of them are simply not serving patients with the proper medical needs, and that’s a problem.

According to a recent report from the American Medical Association, more than half of the clinics surveyed in 2016 were not providing appropriate medical services to patients with a serious medical condition.

There are two main reasons that clinics aren’t doing the right thing for patients.

First, the majority of them aren’t training their staff, and second, the health care professionals who are trained are not doing it well.

The majority of the dispensaries surveyed were located in the Midwest, but not the South, and the region with the lowest number of clinics was New England.

Health care providers also don’t have enough time to teach the best medical care to their patients.

As a result, they can’t adequately prepare patients for their care, which can result in missed appointments and poor outcomes.

The number of people with chronic diseases and conditions increased dramatically during the past decade, as well as the number of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and cancer, which increased.

Health Care Providers and the Public Health Department have been working together to address this situation.

In April 2018, the Department began working with state medical marijuana regulators to ensure that medical marijuana patients receive proper health care and that the health departments of their states have the appropriate training for medical marijuana providers.

The state’s medical marijuana regulatory agency, the Oregon Department of Public Health, and Oregon Health Authority are also working to improve health care coordination and to ensure patients have access to appropriate health care.

In 2018, there were more than 2,000 medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon.

As of November, there are almost 4,400.

As we reported previously, the state is considering requiring dispensaries to have at least 10 full-time employees by 2020, and also, dispensaries could have to hire at least 30 additional workers by 2020.

These efforts are working to address the problems identified by the Health Care Professional’s Association and other groups, and they’re starting to result in increased patient satisfaction.

The report by the American Public Health Association found that in Oregon, dispensaries were providing adequate health care to more than 20 percent of patients in 2016.

As the states medical marijuana regulation expands and patients get more involved in medical marijuana, we expect that the number will grow.

We’re excited to see the progress that’s being made, and hope that it will lead to more patients being served and better outcomes.

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