A new battleground is brewing over how to treat healthcare for millions of Americans, with two competing health care proxies vying for the attention of insurers and health care regulators.

The two competing proxy wars are playing out in Massachusetts and Iowa, as the healthcare proxies are vying for votes from regulators, insurance companies and the government, as well as for the votes of the American public.

As a proxy for the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare platform is gaining ground.

While the ACA has been a political fixture since it was signed into law in 2010, the ACA is not without critics.

The ACA has forced some companies to stop providing insurance for their workers.

It has pushed some people into poverty.

The law has also pushed many Americans into the uninsured.

For years, insurers have been lobbying state and local governments to allow them to offer health insurance on the exchanges, and the Obama administration has supported that push.

But this year, the White House and many of its allies have been pushing back against the effort.

The Obama administration and the insurance industry say the healthcare platforms are both bad and unnecessary.

They say they need to keep their promises and that if the health exchanges don’t work, the exchanges will be shut down, and they will lose millions of customers.

The exchanges, in turn, say the health platforms are bad for business and threaten their ability to attract new customers.

Health care experts say it is unlikely the two proxy wars will die down, because both sides are using their influence to push the issue.

Healthcare proxy battles have been raging for years.

The Obama administration says the exchanges are the right place to offer healthcare coverage, but the healthcare exchanges and insurers say it’s bad for them and the country.

A group of insurers, including the state of Connecticut, filed a lawsuit against the state last year on behalf of millions of Massachusetts residents who wanted to get coverage under the ACA.

They say the state’s exchange is so flawed that it will hurt their business, because of a lack of competition and limited options.

Insurers have also filed lawsuits in several other states against the federal government and the Massachusetts health exchanges.

The lawsuits, which have not been resolved, have forced the Obama and the state governments to defend the healthcare markets.

In Iowa, the health platform has been in the news recently because of its fight with the state government over a new insurance plan.

Iowa’s insurance exchange is run by the state and is backed by the federal insurance department.

The state said the state health exchange had no choice but to shut down its own exchange and go with the Healthcare Connector, which provides an alternative plan.

The state said it will be forced to pay $1.4 billion in additional costs for the Healthcare Plan.

But a judge in Iowa said the costs were not excessive and that Iowa’s exchange could continue operating without a shutdown.

The exchange has continued operating.

A federal judge in Minnesota has ruled that the state had to pay the $800 million to the insurance company.

The new health insurance platform, called Healthcare Connect, is backed and supported by the insurance department, and it is backed with $100 million from the federal Healthcare Trust Fund.

The Minnesota state health insurance exchange, which is run jointly by the Minnesota and federal governments, also has an insurance plan and a separate health insurance plan, the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange, which has a different name.

It’s unclear whether the Healthcare Compound will be allowed to continue operating, as Minnesota plans to expand Medicaid and offer healthcare to low-income residents.

In Kansas, state regulators are trying to force the state exchange to operate without a federal insurance plan or shut down.

The exchange is backed mainly by private insurance companies, and is run entirely by the Kansas Department of Insurance.

But it has been sued by the insurer of the state who said the exchange has to shut it down.

Kansas officials argue the insurance exchange’s operating system is so complicated that it could shut down without a plan.

The insurer is also suing Kansas over the health exchange, saying that the federal exchanges are too complicated for people to use.

In Michigan, the state is trying to shut the state-run exchange down.

It’s not clear whether the state will have to pay money to Healthcare Connectors for the shutdown.

The federal government has been working on a new healthcare plan that would allow people to buy insurance across state lines.

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