A new study suggests that the Swiss health care system could be the best place in the world to treat patients with a high COVID-19 risk.

According to a new report from the nonprofit Swiss Global Health, the Swiss system is the most efficient in the region, allowing for a 99 percent reduction in COVID deaths and a 10 percent reduction of hospitalizations.

Switzerland is also among the countries that have been among the most innovative in the fight against COVID, as well as among the highest in terms of the number of people vaccinated.

In terms of hospitalization, the health care network has the lowest infection rate in the EU, according to the report.

The Swiss have also been among those countries that haven’t yet started accepting new patients due to COVID.

In a survey of hospitals in the country, a third of those surveyed said they would not start accepting new COVID patients until 2020.

Swiss Health Minister Alexander Esterhazy, who is the country’s health minister, said in a statement that the new study is an important first step in the prevention of COVID and the treatment of COVD patients.

“In order to save lives, we must not wait for the future to come,” Esterharazy said.

“It’s now possible to get a better care for our patients by using COVID treatment in our hospitals and clinics.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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