Health care attorneys are getting big bonuses from the California Health Care Agency (CHCA), including a $1.4 million bonus last year and another $500,000 this year.

The CHCA, which is the state’s largest public health agency, announced Wednesday it awarded a total of $5.5 million in annual bonuses to its health care attorneys, including $2.5 in each of the past three years.

CHCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Brown, said the bonus payments were “an important step toward achieving a greater focus on patient care, quality and accountability at the agency.”

CHCA also announced the hiring of several additional attorneys in the next two years.

Brown said the bonuses were the result of a new approach the agency has taken.

“In an effort to be more efficient and effective, we have increased our focus on improving care delivery, improving the patient experience and improving the delivery of care,” Brown said in a news release.

“We have also strengthened our oversight of health care agencies and made it easier for us to discipline staff for wrongdoing.”

Brown noted that the CHCA had been working to create a “fiscally responsible” and accountable organization that could better serve the state.

He said the new bonuses are a “step in the right direction.”

“This is the beginning of a positive momentum that will help us achieve our goal of achieving 100 percent accountability and quality for all California residents,” Brown added.

HuffPost California’s Jennifer Dennison contributed to this report.

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