Buffy Summers is a woman with a gift, a supernatural power and a passion for science.

And the CW has released a new episode that offers more insight into that power, a new love interest and a more human side to the vampire Slayer.

In this preview of “Buffy” Season 2, the show opens up the doors to the new episode and explores the new relationship between Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris, as well as the relationship between Buffy and Spike, Spike’s brother and the one person he never wants to see again.

The show opens the doors of the Sunnydale High School library with a sneak peek at the season two finale and it’s a preview of a new relationship.

The episode opens with Willow and Xander walking down a hallway together and Willow’s heart breaks at the sight of a note.

“You’ve got to look at this, it’s beautiful,” Willow says to Xander, as she leans into the doorway.

“It’s so beautiful.

It’s like, look, I really am here for you, and this is what I want to do with you.

I’m here to help you, you know.””

It’s just so beautiful,” Xander replies.

“And it’s so, so hard to believe it’s happening.

It just, it, it is so.

It really is.

I can’t believe it.

I have to go.”

The two walk back to the library, where Xander says he doesn’t know what to do, but Willow agrees.

She tells him, “It was nice talking to you.

And I mean, you’re so kind and so brave and all of these things.

I mean you’re really brave, too.”

They share a hug and kiss.

“This is why we’re not dating,” Willow tells him.

Xander feels like he’s been waiting for this moment.

But Willow says that this moment isn’t about him and it shouldn’t be about him.

“I think that, you can’t ever, ever, forget.

You can never, ever forget who you are,” Willow continues.

“Your life, your happiness, your strength.

And your power.

You’re your own person.

And you don’t need to rely on anyone else for that.”

The scene in the library is a great example of the power Willow has over Xander, and it is also a reminder that she is the one that knows what’s best for him.

Willow is the woman who knows he can handle himself, she can handle his anger, and she is also the woman that knows that he is not a monster, and that he doesn and will never hurt anyone.

She’s the one who knows that her actions can make Xander feel safe and she’s the woman whose words can make him feel brave.

But Willow is also Buffy’s first love and she cares about Xander’s happiness, too.

She knows that, in the beginning, he wasn’t the kind of person she could trust and that she can trust him now.

But as the season progresses, Willow and Buffy develop a more intimate relationship and it takes place behind closed doors.

It also takes place in Sunnydale, where Buffy has a crush on Buffy’s best friend, Xander, but it also takes Xander to his old high school.

“There’s so much more to this,” Buffy says to Willow in the opening scene.

“He’s such a good friend.

You have to love him.

And if you do, you gotta do it right.”

The opening of “Wicked” Season 1, “Witches and Wannabes” Season 4 and “Buckets of Sugar” Season 5 is the perfect place to start Buffy’s journey into the world of supernatural creatures.

The episode opens up with Buffy’s sister, Joyce, and her sister’s husband, Charlie, who are in a hotel.

Buffy is waiting for Joyce, who has been staying at the hotel and Charlie is waiting at a table outside.

They are talking about their plans to get a job and it becomes clear that Buffy is not interested in being an actress or a teacher.

“She just wants to be with Charlie,” Joyce says.

“They’re all good.

They’re all like family.””

And, uh, and we’ll do it in two weeks,” Buffy tells Joyce.

“We can get a house.

We can get some money.

I want a house, too,” she says.

They both nod in agreement.

Buffy takes off her glasses, which she says is a sign of a happy relationship.

“Then, if you get your wish, I’ll give you my best wishes,” she tells Charlie.

“Willow, I love you,” she whispers.

“Thank you, too, Charlie,” she replies.

It is a moment that brings the two of them together, and the audience is able to feel their relationship grow, grow and grow.

The second episode of “The Gift” Season 3 is “The End of the World,”

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