The government is facing growing public concern over the spread of dog-related illnesses in India.

In December, the government announced plans to set up a dog health centre, which it says is aimed at helping people to reduce their chances of getting infections from dogs.

The centre is to be operationalised in Bengaluru by March next year.

But as many as 2.5 lakh dogs are thought to be living in India, with the country’s largest population in Bengal, which has one of the highest dog population densities in the world.

According to the National Dog Health Network (NDHL), the Indian health system suffers from the “worst health care system in the subcontinent”.

In a study conducted in the first half of 2017, the NDHL found that only a quarter of the health facilities in India are equipped to treat dog ailments, while the other half lack the facilities for such a purpose.

The NDHL has launched a national campaign, “Stop the Dog-Disease-Rampage”, to address the growing public concerns.

NDHL’s president and CEO Deepak Bhagwati said the government is trying to make the health system more efficient, but at the same time, the country is facing the challenges of a rising population.

“In the last few years, there has been a spike in dog deaths.

There have been more than 15,000 dog-bite deaths in India in 2017,” he said.”

The government is making a big push to get dog owners to reduce the amount of time they spend outside in public, and is working to make dogs safer.

The government says the government will invest in dog health centres to ensure a better quality of life for the countrys dogs, but the NDhl says this has not been the case. “

This is a challenge we are facing because we have to work hard to make our health care infrastructure work,” he added.

The government says the government will invest in dog health centres to ensure a better quality of life for the countrys dogs, but the NDhl says this has not been the case.

The NDhl, which works to help people with health issues, said there are currently only one dog health clinic in Bengal at a time.

According the NDhiels, the dog health system in India is the worst in the country, with a low number of dog health facilities available to people, and a high number of dogs living in cramped conditions in overcrowded shelters.

“There is a huge amount of dog waste in the city and there are no facilities for cleaning the waste,” said Deepak.

“People who live in cramped shelters don’t have the space for proper cleaning.”

While some of India’s top dog health experts have called for the establishment of a dog-based hospital in Bengal to tackle the problem of dog death and injury, other experts are not so sure of the government’s plans.

“I think there is no plan at all.

The government doesn’t seem to have any plans for dog health in Bengal,” said Dr Jatin Parveen, chief medical officer, Dog Health Care Institute of India (DHCI).”

In Bengal, there is still a lot to be learned.

This is the first step to make Bengal better.

We need to get better quality dog care, especially for dogs in the crowded shelters.

It will be interesting to see if the government comes up with a plan to tackle dog deaths and injuries,” she added.

Dr Parveent said the state’s pet health centres were working very well.

But she said it is not clear how long the system will continue to work.

“I have visited a few pet health facilities here in Bengal and they have all been run by NGOs.

There is a big gap between the quality of care and the cost of care,” she said.

“Dog owners don’t want to pay a lot for health care and they want to keep their pets safe.

I would expect the dog care system to get even better in the next five years.”

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