The Affordable Care Act is a joke, says the FDA, because it’s not “working.”

The agency announced Thursday that it will no longer enforce Obamacare regulations and will end its “safety net” program that provides health insurance to people who are uninsured or underinsured.

The program was created in 2009 under President Barack Obama.

The FDA will also cease its Medicaid expansion, which the agency announced in February would begin next year.

The agency is also ending its drug monitoring program, which is designed to detect drug-resistant infections.

It said in a statement that the program is a net positive for the nation’s health.

The move is likely to make the administration’s efforts to roll back the law more difficult, and to increase pressure on Congress to enact the replacement plan.

“The FDA has long maintained that its safety net is not working.

The safety net does not help millions of Americans in the least and is a poor substitute for a public option that would provide access to the health care coverage they need,” Acting FDA Commissioner David Michaels said in the agency’s statement.

“This will change as the program ends and it is time for Congress to take action to fix it.”

A key feature of the FDA’s safety net was that people with pre-existing conditions were not required to buy coverage, and were given subsidies to help them pay for insurance.

But the agency has also made clear that people who have pre-existed conditions could still lose their insurance if they get sick or become uninsurable.

In March, the agency said that if the current rules were in place, as the CBO estimated, the number of people who were insured would have more than doubled by 2022.

The Trump administration, which has criticized the safety net as a failure, has said that the ACA will save the country $1 trillion over a decade.

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