Russia is facing a crisis over health care, but some people are already trying to save on healthcare costs.

In the United States, Americans can use a variety of payment options to pay for healthcare services, including Medicare, Medicaid, private plans and public health insurance.

These plans are not subject to a single government fee, and can provide coverage for lower rates.

However, if you are in Russia, there are few options for paying for your health care.

The country is still experiencing a massive healthcare crisis and has the second highest per capita healthcare costs in the world behind the United Kingdom, according to a recent survey by the World Health Organization.

The Russian government has not responded to the WHO survey in nearly two years, but in late October, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the country would launch a national health insurance plan.

The plan would be launched in 2018, but a decision has not been made on when it will take effect.

The program would offer a combination of public and private plans.

According to the Russian government, the plan will provide coverage to the lowest-income people and the elderly.

It would also provide subsidized insurance to families who earn less than 400,000 rubles ($11,700).

There would be a cap on out-of-pocket costs.

The health insurance system is a complicated process that takes years to set up, and the process takes place behind closed doors.

The system is still under development, with only about a quarter of the people who have signed up for health insurance being able to use it.

The Russian government will be rolling out the system through a government-run website, which will allow users to sign up and receive an initial payment.

However as of today, people are not allowed to make more than 500,000 to 1 million rubles per month in contributions, a limitation that will be lifted later this year.

To find out how to make your next purchase in Russia or to compare prices, we interviewed two experts in the healthcare industry: the head of a health insurance broker and a healthcare agent.

The interview was conducted on March 23, 2018 and edited for length and clarity.

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