The union health symbol was created in 1965 as a symbol of unity in a time when people felt they were separate and not part of the community.

It was later redesigned to reflect the fact that health care workers in the NHS were the first in the UK to be paid the same wage as their peers in the private sector.

In addition, the symbol has changed to reflect recent changes in health and social care policy.

It now features a blue cross and a blue crown on a red background.

The union health logo was introduced in 2012 by Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth.

Its design was inspired by the work of an early US socialist group, the American Workers Union, which had created a similar emblem to mark its union’s victory in the strike against US industrial union, United Auto Workers, in 1911.

Since then, unions across the world have adopted similar designs and have been the subject of countless designs.

When it came to health care symbols, the United Kingdom was a pioneer.

But other countries have made the change.

France became the first to change its union health emblem in 1999, and Ireland changed its in 2011.

Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the United States also adopted union health symbols.

Britain was the first nation to change the union symbol’s design from the blue cross to the union crown, which is a symbol often used in the EU to mark a union-negotiated deal.

However, the union emblem is also being changed in the US and is being used on a number of government documents, including the US president’s annual report.

A new US president has been sworn in and his administration has made a number, including changes to the US union health and pension fund.

While there is no indication yet of whether this will have any impact on the union’s health symbol, union officials say it is important to make the change in a way that reflects the current state of health care.

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