Allina Health Care will be the first company in Ireland to offer a service called Holistic Health Care, a programme that provides holistic healthcare and wellness to its customers.

The company will launch the service in October, offering patients the opportunity to get their healthcare covered through an array of health care providers including health systems, doctors, nursing homes, pharmacies and healthcare delivery companies.

It will offer the service as a package that includes doctors, physiotherapists, dietitians, psychologists and psychologists as well as psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and a wide range of other healthcare providers, according to Allina.

This means the service will not only be accessible to those with pre-existing conditions, but also those who are under the age of 18.

Allina Health will offer Holistic Care in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, as well a service to patients in Galway.

It will be launched at a cost of €50 per month, per person, for patients aged 18 and over.

Patients will have to sign up for the Holistic health insurance package before being able to access the service.

In an interview with RTE, Allina chief executive Michael Nevin said the programme will be aimed at those who have no other option to access healthcare.

“We know that there are some patients who are on Medicaid and we want to ensure that the opportunity for them to get healthcare is available,” Nevin told RTE.

He added that Holistic will not be a cost-based health insurance scheme, but rather a comprehensive health plan.

“There are people who need health insurance, who are currently on Medicare, and we will cover them,” he said.

Allinas Health Care has been offering the service to customers in the Republic since February.

It has over 200 doctors and more than 1,000 nurse practitioners in Ireland.

The service is being offered as a one-time package and will not cover long-term care or other healthcare costs.

“The service will include a mix of physical, mental and occupational therapists, dieticians, psychologists, physiologists, pharmacists, nursing home and other healthcare professionals,” Allinas said.

“This will include the services of physical therapists, physiotherapy and physiotherapy-assisted therapy, physiognomists, physical therapists and occupational therapist, physiocomposting, physiostimulants, podiatrists, massage therapists, podiatricians and massage therapists-assisted treatment.”

The service, which will be offered in Ireland starting in October and will be available to all customers in Ireland by March 2020, will cost €50 for a single person.

For those on a fixed income, Allinas HealthCare will offer additional healthcare benefits.

Patients who meet certain income criteria will also be eligible for additional health insurance benefits, including free medication and free care for those with physical or mental health problems.

The scheme will be free to customers with no income or income limit.

Allina said it will also cover costs associated with the delivery of the service, including the costs of the equipment needed, and will pay for the installation of the device, as an additional charge.

The healthcare provider said it would work closely with all patients who want to access Holistic to ensure it is accessible to them.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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