A symbol, often used in reference to healthcare providers and practices, can also be used as a noun to describe a healthcare facility.

For example, the Washington Health Department’s logo can be seen as the Washington Post symbol, while the word “health” can also denote a hospital or clinic.

The Washington Post’s logo, for example, has a large red lettering and a yellow sun on it.

The word “post” also can be used to refer to a healthcare service provider, such as a physician or hospital.

Other symbols, such the word health, can be applied to any healthcare facility or practice.

Examples include the word medical, medical equipment, and physician.

As the Washington health care logo was used in a variety of contexts throughout the United States and internationally, the symbol has been interpreted by many to be the symbol of the Washington region.

A Washington Health logo is also used to represent the Washington state Department of Health in a lettering that reads “Health Care in Washington.”

The Washington health facility, where the Washington Nationals played last season, is shown on a map in this undated handout photo.

Washington Health and Washington state Health Department via APIn addition to the Washington area, Washington Health has several other symbols associated with it.

For instance, the name of the hospital is W.H.I.C., which stands for “Washington Hospital Incentive Fund,” according to the hospital’s website.

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