There’s a growing recognition that Democrats are struggling to deliver high-quality care in many of their rural states, despite President Trump’s promise to help.

“The White House rhetoric on rural healthcare has really caught people by surprise,” said Sam Schreiner, CEO of the National Rural Health Association, a trade group.

“It’s really hard for people to understand how to navigate the bureaucracy.”

One way that Trump is attempting to address this is through the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Many Republicans believe that Obamacare is hurting rural America, which makes it harder for Democrats to get the best care.

And Trump is pushing the law’s “bailouts” into rural areas, where people can get much-needed healthcare, which is often not the case.

As a result, many rural Democrats have taken to the airwaves to voice their frustrations.

They have spoken about the lack of care, the lack to take care of their elderly and children, the long wait times and the difficulty in accessing needed medical care.

The group is hoping to change that, though it’s a long process.

“I’m hoping the Trump administration will finally listen to rural Americans and see that they want to see the type of health care they want,” Schreiners said.

“And I think that’s the beginning of healing for us.”

Schreiner is not alone.

“The Democrats have really struggled to get good health care,” said Susan Kocher, executive director of the American Medical Association, which represents more than 10 million doctors and other medical professionals across the country.

Kocher said that while Democrats have a long history of addressing rural issues, they often lack the resources to make sure they are doing the best they can.KOCHER: We’ve got a long way to go, and that’s a reason why I think we’re so concerned.

We know that the people of rural America don’t need any more excuses.

I think the Democrats have got to do something to get these issues fixed.

That’s the bottom line.

Schreiners hopes that his group, the Rural Health Alliance, will help bring the conversation to the forefront.

He said he’s hopeful that some of the group’s members will come together in the coming months to help push for better rural health coverage.

But for now, the group is focused on helping the health of people who need the care the most, including people who are elderly and disabled.

“We need to provide people access to care and to get them back to work,” Koccher said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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