On the first day of the Trump administration, the federal government is expected to take the first step toward creating a new medical insurance program.

The program, called Medicare for All, would be an incremental step toward providing universal health care to all Americans.

Health care advocates say it could provide coverage for everyone, not just the rich and well-connected.

But how it will work is still being determined.

Here’s how it could work.

If you need medical care, call 1-800-M-GUNS or visit the National Institutes of Health at https://www.nih.gov.

Medicare for All could cover a wide range of medical procedures and services.

But the program would cover only a small share of the costs.

Some experts believe Medicare for all could lower costs for older people and people with disabilities by covering treatments they need more cheaply.

That’s a big deal, because it means older people could get cheaper and more effective treatments, said Richard Berenson, who chairs the Health Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.

Other experts say it will also mean more people will get the health care they need, which will reduce demand for health care.

It could be more expensive for people to buy health insurance than to get treatment, Berenness says.

The cost of treatment would likely rise as people wait for doctors to prescribe drugs that are better than their current treatments.

That could increase the number of people with chronic conditions, which could have long-term health consequences.

In recent years, the government has been trying to improve access to medical care.

Medicare has been a big part of that.

The program was established in 1965, but it hasn’t covered many older Americans.

Since then, the costs of medical care have skyrocketed.

Medicare for the poor is more than $5,600 per year for an average family, and the average age at which a Medicare enrollee can be insured has climbed from 60 to 74.

The number of Medicare beneficiaries has also grown.

For people over 65, Medicare covers about 60 percent of all health care costs.

But that doesn’t mean that seniors get much health care and are better off, said Nancy Kelleher, a senior vice president at Avalere Health, an insurance brokerage.

People older than 65, however, are eligible for a wide variety of health care services, including prescription drugs, preventive care, prescription drugs and health insurance.

They also can receive care in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other facilities.

But the program has had limited success, Bensenson said.

This is the first time that the government is really starting to step in and really start trying to expand the program.

We’ll see how it works.

What people can expect Under the Trump plan, the U,S.

government would be paying for the majority of health services that a person could get without insurance, such as prescriptions, tests and hospitalization.

That’s because of a provision in Medicare that says a person’s income and spending can’t be used to determine how much care a person needs.

If people have a low income, Medicare will provide care.

But most of the people eligible for the Medicare program are in the bottom fifth of the income distribution, which includes about 15 percent of Americans.

This group also spends a lot on health care; more than 70 percent of them spend at least some of their income on health.

A large part of the cost of health insurance, however.

is paying for a large part or all of the care a patient needs.

That is because Medicare is set up to pay only a portion of the expenses that a Medicare beneficiary gets.

But this can be a big problem if a person in the middle of their illness gets a high-cost treatment that requires more than the program covers.

And the program doesn’t cover everything a person gets.

For example, the Medicare eligibility age for the first Medicare beneficiary is 65, but some people have been eligible for Medicare for at least five years.

So the government would have to pay a lot for a lot of people.

Many of the most expensive services that people receive at the beginning of their lives could be covered by the government, because people in their 50s and 60s would be eligible for free or reduced-cost health care as part of Medicare.

Even if a Medicare recipient lives long enough to be eligible, most of his or her income is spent on health, not on medical care for the rest of his life.

To try to address this problem, the Trump Administration is proposing to extend Medicare to people 65 and older.

That will create a new group of beneficiaries that would be called “senior citizens” who are older than 62.

But for the most part, they would not be eligible to get Medicare until they turn 62.

That means that older people will still have to go to work and pay for their health care if they need it.

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