Recode reporter Alix Spiegel has a new book out, “Health Care Is Changing at a Rate You Can’t Ignore: The Story of America’s Health Care System”.

The story is a story of the evolution of the US health care system from a nationalized, single-payer system in the late 1970s to a globalized system in 2017. 

Recode: How is the American health care landscape changing?

Alix Spiegel: We have a huge amount of health care. 

There are 3.4 billion people in the US, and in most places, there are 1.3 million health care workers.

And we have over 10 million physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.

So the fact that there are so many different types of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals is a huge growth, and we are seeing the health care economy grow in both the US and worldwide.

And, as I’ve been saying all along, the way we have developed health care has been through a system of the private sector.

So, for example, in California, you have hospitals and private doctors.

So we have very specialized health care services, and that has allowed us to get a lot of different types and levels of care, and to develop systems of health insurance and pay for care.

So the growth in health care and the emergence of a market economy, and the way that the private-public system has evolved is that we have a big system of private insurance.

And then we have the market.

We have all kinds of different kinds of insurance companies, health care exchanges, and, ultimately, we have insurance companies.

So it’s really a system where we have different levels of government, different levels and different levels in terms of the type of government they are.

And they’re all designed to deliver certain services to a certain segment of the population.

And that’s the way it works.

Recode reporter Sarah Kliff: We talked to a few experts from around the world to see what their experiences were in getting healthcare through the system.

I want to start with a US doctor, Dr. Andrew H. Koppelman, who says the health insurance industry is very powerful.

H.K.: The healthcare insurance industry has a very powerful role.

And it’s important to understand that the insurance industry’s a very complicated entity.

I think that when you have a large, complex system of insurance, it’s going to be very hard to manage.

So that’s why, when you’re looking at the health system, it is important to know that, well, it will take time to figure out what’s the right system.

And the right answer will have to be the right one for every person.

But I think you’ll have to give it some thought.

The healthcare insurance sector is really important to healthcare reform because, as you mentioned, the federal government has not had a single-party system since the ACA, and as long as that system exists, the healthcare industry will be there to help the government manage the system in a way that’s sustainable and affordable.

Hospital administrators, for instance, have a lot to be concerned about.

They will need to make sure that the hospitals are doing a good job and making sure that they have sufficient resources and the equipment that they need.

And also, hospitals are responsible for paying for certain services, including medical treatment.

And, so, that means that the healthcare insurance company is going to have a responsibility to pay for certain things.

So, for hospitals, that’s going a lot further than the insurance company.

And there is a lot more that the hospital administrator has to worry about than they do with the insurance companies and the insurance carriers.

H: And then there is the federal Medicare system, which is an enormous, massive bureaucracy that is actually run by private insurance companies that are really underpaid.

K: That’s right.

H : That’s why we need to really look at a number of things.

One of them is that the federal, or any other federal, system is really inefficient and is really costly.

And what the Medicare system has to do is actually provide the funding that the Medicare program is designed to provide.

And so, Medicare is really a government-run system, and it is also a very, very, large system.

H .: And it has to be funded.

But you have to figure how do you do that.

And to figure that out, you can get the private insurance company to make a deal with the government and say, well we’ll pay for the Medicare, and you’ll pay a fee for the services that we’re providing, and if you want to change the way you do it, we’ll provide you with the funds that we provide you.HK: So it seems like the Medicare-for-all system is the best option for all of us, but not everyone is in that camp.

H.: The Medicare-For-All system has been successful in the United States because it is a

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