BETHANY HEALTH CARE has launched a national campaign to help reduce hospital admissions to the state’s mental health facilities, with a focus on the people in the community and on young people.

Key points:A group of young people have been identified as needing urgent support in St LeonardsHospitals are struggling to meet demand, with around 3,500 in need of urgent help this financial yearThe organisation said more than half of those aged 16-24 needed to be in hospitals in order to maintain their conditionIn a statement, the charity said it wanted to raise awareness of the importance of support in an era of increasing numbers of patients needing urgent care.

“We want to provide the young people who are most at risk of becoming a patient to know they can get help at a local hospital,” said the statement.

“At the same time, we want to educate young people and their families on the importance and importance of taking care of themselves and getting help for their mental health needs.”

This is especially important in a time when so many people are experiencing mental health problems, and the young are the most at-risk.

“A national mental health campaign will help build on the work of other organisations who have been working on the issue.”

Bethany Health Care said it was working with local mental health teams to ensure the mental health of the young were taken into account.

“In many cases, the young don’t know what to do and can’t understand why their behaviour changes,” it said.

“The majority of these young people will be in the hospital for several weeks, but they’re only there because they’re young and need to be treated.”

It is so important that the young know they have options to get help when they need it.

“As an organisation, we know that when you have a problem, it’s important that you do everything you can to get it sorted.”

Bethandas a mental health organisation, our focus is on the young and their wellbeing.

We have a range of services for young people to access to in the St Leonard area, including a helpline that can provide support and advice.

“Our focus is to help young people understand how they can manage their mental wellbeing, and to make sure that we are providing the best care possible for them, wherever they may be in their lives.”

Beethany Health is a leading provider of mental health services for people of all ages and stages of life, with its mental health service working with a wide range of partners to provide them with the support they need.

In the meantime, the organisation has been working with St Leonar Health to offer its services to those at risk.

“Hospice and hospice care are the only places where we have a patient pool in the region that can treat and care for a significant number of people,” it added.

“By offering these services, Bethany is able to provide a service that is both accessible and affordable to all people in need, whether they have experienced a mental illness or not.”

While we have no plans to open a centre, we will continue to work closely with St Leonard to ensure that this is the case, and as a result, we are proud to have been able to work with the St Leonard Trust and other partners on a range.

“With the right support and a strong network, we hope to provide young people with the same support and support they get in hospital and in our community.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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