Tejas Health Care, a Tejas Healthcare Ltd subsidiary, has completed the design and development of a Tejas Medical Care system.

It has already delivered the Tejas Medical Care for all patients including the elderly, people with disabilities, people who suffer from chronic pain, and others, said the company.

Tejas Healthcare is now working with the government of India to complete the system and to roll out Tejas’ system to all states.

“The Tejas medical care will enable us to provide medical care to the entire population, with no cost,” Tejas CEO Jhumpa Lahiri told the media after the launch of the Tejabs system at the National Pharmaceutical Corporation of India’s (NPCI) headquarters.

The Tejaws system is designed to provide healthcare services to all citizens irrespective of age, sex, marital status, or other such considerations.

It is designed in a way that the system can be integrated with the other healthcare systems, like the National Health Services, to provide the best possible quality of care.

The system is fully operational and is being implemented in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, said Lalu Shastri, CEO of Tejas.

The health care system will cover all the citizens regardless of age and sex.

It will include health care services like medicines, tests, and treatment for infections, he added.

India has the highest death rate among developed countries in the world.

The system will be the first medical care system of its kind in the country and it will be an example for other states to follow.

The government of Madras has set a target of implementing Tejas in its own territory.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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