The Irish health system is a system where people have to be insured.

But that does not mean it is a universal system, according to former Irish prime minister Enda Kenny.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Irish Independent, Kenny said he thinks the country is in a transitional phase and there is “too much at stake” in the health system.

“I think we are in the first stages of a transitional period,” he said.

Kenny said the Republic is going through a “moment of truth” and he is hoping the country will learn from that experience.

“We need to get our health system in a position to be able to provide a universal health care system, which I think we have to do, which is going to require a fundamental change of thinking, of thinking that will take us from a system of public health to one that is in which everyone is insured,” he told the Irish Times.

But I think the Republic’s health system needs to be changed, not just to the extent that it is now, but to the degree that it was a decade ago.””

It will be a difficult period.

But I think the Republic’s health system needs to be changed, not just to the extent that it is now, but to the degree that it was a decade ago.”

It is a transitional system and that means we need a very big shift in thinking and we need people to come together in a way that they have never been before and to start to see how we can get the health care we need for the Irish people.

“The former health minister is not the only one to suggest that the Irish health care is too ambitious.

In July, the British government announced plans to overhaul the health insurance system.

Kerry and Health Minister Jonathan Bell will unveil their plans in Dublin on Wednesday.

Kendrick said the plans are “more ambitious than anyone has imagined” and will not replace existing systems.

The plan, which would replace private insurance and public health, is a move that Kenny is looking to make.”

People will get their insurance through the existing system.

It will not be a replacement for it.

The insurance that we have now is for a very specific purpose.

It is to provide coverage for people who are ill.

“There are very good examples of that in other countries.

People are dying in hospital because they don’t have coverage and so on.”

So what we are proposing is a new, higher-risk insurance scheme, one which will not cover the people who do need it but will provide a much more comprehensive and comprehensive health system.

“Kenny told the paper that it would be better to replace private insurers with public ones and he would not be “so quick to make changes that are not necessary”.

Kenny is also the former Irish president, who was also a leader in the “Irish Spring” of the 1970s and ’80s.

He was a member of the executive in 1999 and a member in 2010 of the Irish parliament.

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