LÉGERY DE ROME (Reuters) – In the coming months, a shortage of specialists in France’s medical school will lead to a dramatic spike in the number of medical students applying for posts in the country’s tertiary care sector, according to a new report by the government.

The report by Health and Welfare Minister Jean-Jacques Filipele (MP) said that the number expected to apply to train in the coming years will fall by nearly half to around 700,000, the same as a year ago.

The increase in demand is due to the rise in the use of the internet for health information, Filipescu told journalists on Monday.

“The internet has made us more accessible, and this makes it easier to access medical information in the future,” he said.

The fall in demand in France follows a sharp fall in the supply of specialists to train health care professionals.

The number of health professionals in the medical school dropped by over 50 percent between 2012 and 2017, according the report.

The shortage of doctors is the latest blow to the country, which has the world’s highest healthcare spending per capita at $16,300 a year.

Filippele said that France would need to raise the number by about 100,000 doctors and nurses in the next two years to cope with a projected shortfall of about 200,000 by 2022.

A report released by the OECD last month said that, by 2025, France was projected to have a shortfall of at least 1.8 million doctors and health workers, with the majority of those doctors and workers working in the health sector.

The drop in demand will exacerbate the countrys ageing population, Filippi said.

“This is a serious problem,” he told reporters on Monday, adding that the government was considering a new programme that would make the school more efficient.

“We are trying to figure out how to make the system more efficient and how to use the resources more efficiently,” Filipeg said.

“If we are not able to increase the number in the schools and the number are not willing to do this, then we need to consider other ways to increase numbers in the hospital,” he added.

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