You don’t have to go to a doctor to get cancer.

You don.t have to get it at home.

But what if you have a tumor that’s growing on your neck or your leg?

Then you’ll need to get your doctor’s care.

“You’re in the hospital,” says Dr. David Kessel, a professor of medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

If the cancer is too big to treat, he says, you’ll be taken to a facility for surgery, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the surgery you need.

And the longer it takes for you to be able to get to a hospital, the worse the outcome.

Kessel says there’s no way to know if the cancer will spread to other parts of your body.

You may have a higher risk of getting a more aggressive cancer, he adds.

“But if it does spread, that’s the end of that.”

It’s the “perfect storm” of circumstances that makes the problem of cancer at the home particularly problematic, says Kessel.

The problem is that people are often in an environment that makes them more vulnerable to infection, he explains.

“They have their food on a table and a television, and that’s not good,” he says.

“So if you don’t eat properly, the bacteria and germs will spread and spread, and you’re more likely to have complications.”

And while you might not want to go see a doctor at home, there are a number of ways to reduce your risk.

It’s a great place to start If you have no home, you should start getting regular checkups to make sure you’re not having a health problem, says Dr: Livia Mascarenhas, a medical director at the American Cancer Society in San Francisco.

If you’re worried about your risk, start asking your family doctor for an appointment.

“There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of having a doctor visit, and there’s nothing to fear from going to the doctor,” she says.

But a regular checkup isn’t enough.

Your doctor may ask you about other health problems, like heart disease or high blood pressure, and she or he may want to talk to you about a cancer diagnosis.

If your family physician wants to talk with you about your cancer, ask for a referral from a local cancer center.

“It’s very important to get referrals,” says Mascares.

You can also find a referral at the cancer center or from a family physician or cancer expert.

And if you’re concerned about your family’s health, you can always call a local emergency number or go to the National Cancer Institute’s hotline.

“If you’re having a cancer appointment at home,” says Klevs, “you’re not going to get the treatment you need.”

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