Health care workers have begun sharing medical data with employers and others who can then use it to target patients with costly, time-consuming health insurance, according to a new report by a national health organization.

The National Association of Assistant Health Administrators, or NAHA, is a nonprofit organization of health care professionals who share data and data technology tools to improve the efficiency of health-care services.NAHA’s data sharing effort was first reported by The Washington Post in September.

It is part of an effort to build a national network of data sharing and sharing platforms that are open to public scrutiny and use to share and improve data in the public interest.

“Our primary focus has been to use the new technology to make health care more accessible to consumers,” said NAHA president and CEO Scott Sturgis.

“But we are also going to continue to build this network to make it accessible to other health care providers, and it’s a long-term mission.”

In the report, NAHA said the growing number of consumers who are using private health insurance companies to purchase health insurance was making it difficult to collect and analyze health-related data.

In the past five years, NAHAs use of personal health data has increased to a level not seen since at least the late 1980s, the report said.

In the past two years, the number of Americans with health insurance has more than doubled, to roughly 30 million.

Health care data collection in the United States has been in the spotlight as several states have implemented their own version of Obamacare.

Health care professionals say it’s essential for the health-policy community to share more data about the cost and effectiveness of the new health insurance policies that are available to consumers, and to better understand how to best manage their own health insurance portfolios.

“Health care is a public good, and all of us are required to collect, share, and use data,” Sturges said.

“The ability to access data is critical to the public’s understanding of what health care costs, services, and care are available in the U.S., and how they can be shared and used to improve health care delivery.”

To access the report and to learn more about health data, click here.

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