FourFourThreeHealth CarePioneer – A rural doctor who helped save a pregnant woman’s life in India has become a celebrity in the country.

Dr K.K. Sharma, a 40-year-old medical assistant at the Kannauj Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, was one of several health care workers to help save a woman’s unborn baby from the brink of death when she was taken ill.

The mother of two, Dr K. K. Sharma had been pregnant for four weeks when she suffered a miscarriage.

After the child was born, Dr Sharma managed to revive the mother by administering a blood transfusion to the foetus.

Dr Sharma said that during the delivery, the baby died of severe haemorrhage.

Her family initially feared that the baby would be born with a malformation.

But when she brought the foetal body back to her and the mother, the situation was reversed and the baby was delivered alive.

Dr. Sharma was named the hero of the episode in the local media and was soon invited to participate in a TV talk show.

The programme, titled ‘The Hero’s Story’, was hosted by Dr Kunal Kapoor, who has a long history of making TV documentaries.

The show, however, was criticised by the health ministry, which said it was biased against doctors.

The health ministry said that while Dr Sharma’s involvement was not malicious, it was done with a clear intention to favour the show.

Dr Gopi Saini, a medical director of Kannagad, which is the district hospital where Dr Sharma works, said that the show had not been vetted by her superiors.

Dr Saino, who also worked at the hospital, told the Indian Express that the hospital had received complaints against the programme, and that the local authorities had approached the programme’s producer to remove it.

She said that Dr Sharma was the first doctor to assist in the delivery of a baby, and has the most positive relationship with the patients she treats.

“She’s also a kind hearted person who has never suffered any kind of trauma.

She has always been a kind person,” she said.

Dr Sharma, who works at the centre of the story, said she is proud of the positive response she has received.

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