How to keep the divine health care networks alive and thrive

The following is the article that is part of our series of articles on how to keep divine health networks alive.Read more about the series: What You Need to Know About the Divine Health Networks article The Divine Health Network is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a vibrant, global health network for the […]

‘You’re looking at a whole new range of patients’

BETHANY HEALTH CARE has launched a national campaign to help reduce hospital admissions to the state’s mental health facilities, with a focus on the people in the community and on young people.Key points:A group of young people have been identified as needing urgent support in St LeonardsHospitals are struggling to meet demand, with around 3,500 […]

What do you know about the new American Health Care Act?

AUSTIN, Texas — The new American health care law, known as the Affordable Care Act, is one of the most sweeping health care overhauls in U.S. history, but there’s a lot we don’t know about it yet.Here are some things you need to know about what’s in the new law.1.What is the American Health and […]

How to keep your health care bill under control

GREENVILLE, N.C. — Health care and other care sectors are going through a boom and bust cycle.And the cycle is continuing, as companies, regulators and consumers scramble to keep prices high enough to keep patients coming and going.But as the health care sector grows more complex, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to predict which […]

How to get more out of your kids health care coverage

Business Insider/CNNMoney The Trump administration has proposed capping health insurance premiums for children under age 26, raising the ceiling on how much they pay for insurance coverage.The proposal was released Monday, the day before the first full day of the federal open enrollment period.It would require all states to set minimum premiums for families with […]

How to pay for cancer treatment in the U.S.

On the first day of the Trump administration, the federal government is expected to take the first step toward creating a new medical insurance program.The program, called Medicare for All, would be an incremental step toward providing universal health care to all Americans.Health care advocates say it could provide coverage for everyone, not just the […]

How to get better at saving money at McDonald’s

In an age where people are increasingly searching for more value for their dollars, there’s a lot of pressure to do more with less.And that’s what McDonald’s has been doing for years.The company recently launched a new app that helps customers save money on their McDonald’s purchases.The app also includes a tool that helps you […]

When you’re sick: Health care in West Side

A lot of things happen in your life.Things you don’t think you have control over, like your health, or your family, or even the weather.But if you have a chronic illness, there’s an urgent need to get a diagnosis, treatment, and when you can get there.There are doctors and clinics in West Chicago.And for the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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