How to keep the divine health care networks alive and thrive

The following is the article that is part of our series of articles on how to keep divine health networks alive.Read more about the series: What You Need to Know About the Divine Health Networks article The Divine Health Network is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a vibrant, global health network for the […]

Jordan health care plans to launch a $40 million pilot in the US

The US government is reportedly planning to fund a pilot program to provide free dental care to the poor and underprivileged in the Jordani capital Amman.Jordan, the world’s largest producer of sugar, is the first country to make this move.The $40m pilot will be funded by the US government’s Economic Opportunity Fund (EFOF), which is […]

How do you deal with an Ebola outbreak in Italy?

On Saturday, three new cases of the disease were confirmed in the northern city of Palermo, and the regional Health Ministry has declared a nationwide public health emergency.As the situation worsens, hospitals are being overwhelmed by patients.“As a precaution, hospitals have been closed.The situation has become very dangerous,” Health Minister Paolo Gattoni told La Repubblica […]

‘U.S. has been using fake health data to target health insurance customers’

Health care workers have begun sharing medical data with employers and others who can then use it to target patients with costly, time-consuming health insurance, according to a new report by a national health organization.The National Association of Assistant Health Administrators, or NAHA, is a nonprofit organization of health care professionals who share data and […]

Why we’re all in this mess

This article was written by Lauren, a health care worker who is also a journalist.She is a self-described “recreational health junkie” who is looking for an alternative to the pharmaceutical industry, where she is being forced to live and work while trying to find an alternative source of income.She works in a community hospital, and […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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