What’s the difference between a hospital chaplaincy and a hospital nurse?

Ottawa’s Health Department has launched a campaign to improve the public perception of its nurse-led chaplaincies.A new video, released Monday, shows a young woman explaining that she is not a nurse, but an ambulance nurse, and that she has been a nurse for three years.The video was part of a new campaign to increase the […]

How to Make Your Own BioTrack: How to Identify Your Health Care Privacy Rights

A few years ago, BioTrack Technologies released a smart app for mobile devices that allowed users to track their health care spending.But in 2014, the company filed a federal lawsuit in New York State against the state of New York, alleging that the app violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.In the lawsuit, the NY Attorney […]

How to Get Better at Getting Your Health Care at Home

If you have a doctor, ask for a copy of the state’s prescription drug label, since Arizona does not have an opt-out system for prescription drugs.You can also call the state health department for a list of approved pharmacies, but you will need to fill out a form to get the correct number of prescriptions […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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