How to get better at saving money at McDonald’s

In an age where people are increasingly searching for more value for their dollars, there’s a lot of pressure to do more with less.And that’s what McDonald’s has been doing for years.The company recently launched a new app that helps customers save money on their McDonald’s purchases.The app also includes a tool that helps you […]

How to stop your family from getting sick in the ER

The next time you’re in the emergency room, make sure you’re taking all the precautions necessary.“If you don’t have the proper precautions, you can get sick,” said Dr. Joseph E. Langer, chairman of the emergency medicine department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.Here are five common mistakes to watch out for when you’re having […]

What to watch for in the new season of ‘The Bachelor’

“It’s a big, big show,” he said.“It is a big show, it is a lot of fun, it’s a lot more fun than the first season.”Watch the full interview with the Bachelor star below.“I think it’s just a big season.I don’t know if I can really explain that.But I think it is definitely going to […]

How do you deal with an Ebola outbreak in Italy?

On Saturday, three new cases of the disease were confirmed in the northern city of Palermo, and the regional Health Ministry has declared a nationwide public health emergency.As the situation worsens, hospitals are being overwhelmed by patients.“As a precaution, hospitals have been closed.The situation has become very dangerous,” Health Minister Paolo Gattoni told La Repubblica […]

How to prevent an early death in the US by 2020

Health care workers are stepping up their efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their patients, and the new guidelines for health care workers will help them do that.The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its annual update on health care and safety guidelines for federal health care providers Tuesday, in an […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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