This is why you should take a stand against the opioid crisis

Health care providers across the country are urging people to stop taking opioids and to seek out other treatments, citing evidence that the overdose death toll has spiked dramatically in recent years.The rise in opioid overdose deaths has been especially steep in states like Florida, where the number of people dying each year is higher […]

Israel rejects US bid to open up Israeli health center in Canada

Israel has rejected a US bid for a Canadian health center to provide health care for refugees from its occupied territories, a move that could complicate efforts to secure the construction of a new hospital in the occupied West Bank.The Israeli health ministry said on Tuesday that it would “exercise all possible measures” to prevent […]

How to sign up for Medicaid coverage through Pennsylvania’s new state health care exchanges

The state of Pennsylvania is set to open up its health insurance marketplaces for the first time on January 1, the latest in a series of changes announced this week by the Obama administration to improve access to health care for millions of people in the United States.The new insurance exchanges will allow Pennsylvania residents […]

What happens when Texas is forced to close its health care offices?

FourFourSeconds ago, Texas Health and Human Services announced that it would close its five Texas health care facilities as part of its plan to slash the number of doctors and nurses at the agency’s four hospitals and to slash its staffing at two other facilities.The state said that closing facilities would result in the loss […]

How to Make Your Own BioTrack: How to Identify Your Health Care Privacy Rights

A few years ago, BioTrack Technologies released a smart app for mobile devices that allowed users to track their health care spending.But in 2014, the company filed a federal lawsuit in New York State against the state of New York, alleging that the app violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.In the lawsuit, the NY Attorney […]

How to Get Better at Getting Your Health Care at Home

If you have a doctor, ask for a copy of the state’s prescription drug label, since Arizona does not have an opt-out system for prescription drugs.You can also call the state health department for a list of approved pharmacies, but you will need to fill out a form to get the correct number of prescriptions […]

Health care giant Cigna plans to sell off its Star Health care business

The company said Monday it plans to divest its Star Healthcare business, which includes health care and medical devices.Star Healthcare’s business, headquartered in Austin, Texas, was bought in August by Cignas HealthCare Corp., a subsidiary of Anthem Inc. and its former parent company.Cignas said it is selling Star Health’s StarCare and other assets and the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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