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Laser hair removal

Hair removal by laser is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed all over the world for permanent reduction of body hair. If you are looking for laser hair removal in Varanasi for Painfree Permanent hair removal treatment is available at Skin care centre situated in Varanasi, U.P.

The latest is award-winning Soprano ICE technology which offers advance hair removal technology by incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies including 810 Diode and Alex 755 wavelengths. It uses a solid-state laser based on an Alexandrite wavelength, allowing for even better energy absorption by the melanin chromophore. Soprano ICE is the latest innovation, is US FDA approved and has recently been launched by ALMA lasers. Additional cooling in this technology (from where it derives its name ICE) makes the treatment virtually painless.

Skin care centre laser hair removal clinic at Varanasi is the most advanced and reasonable place for best laser hair removal treatment in Varanasi U.P. It is a fully equipped centre for all types of latest skin and cosmetology-related services with Dr. Ramesh Rai specializing In all types of laser treatments. Laser treatment for hair removal is a very successful technology which targets to destroy the hair follicles permanently leading to a visible and a permanent reduction in the number, density and thickness of the hair shafts by an extent of almost 80 to 85 %, depending upon few factors, most importantly being the hormonal status of the patient. Laser hair removal treatment is a sequential procedure requiring about 6-8 sessions at an interval of about one month each thereby leading to the selective destruction of anagen hair follicles in each successive session leading to a gradual thinning and reduction of hair density. It's a highly safe and successful procedure with absolutely no side effects.